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The painter’s studio where nothing is left to chances and where painted chinaware assumes light and strong keys with aspects that vary from dull to bright so as to mingle contrasts and transparencies.

For Marie-Françoise Paulme, Art has no limits. To express her talent, she makes use of various cultural movements: that of the 17th century in Europe when she reproduces sumptuous baroque costumes, that of the 18th century and its rococo style, but also of trends from Japan, Cambodia…

If you search for a unique and rare object to confer to your personal setting that inimitable touch which is yours, Marie-Françoise Paulme invites you to discover her works: paintings on ceramics, lamps, vases… which will not fail to ravish your eyes.

“Do you want to avoid the bazaar of modern art? Fashion ruling over reality? The dictatorship of the media? Do as farseeing multimillionaires do who buy their refuge value”: a superb china object. (Modified citation by PH. SOLLERS from his book Fragonard.)

Being desirous of transmitting her know-how, Marie-Françoise Paulme teaches the various techniques of chinaware painting and offers person-alised courses in order that painting on chinaware might become Your Passion…

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Marie Françoise Paulme Artist
A recognized artist internationally for her talent of the painting on chinaware...
MF Paulme

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Our studio is situated to Annemasse in Haute-Savoie in some minutes of Geneva.